If you are running a successful business your computer network is central to your operation. Most businesses do not need a full-time Technician. As we all know payroll costs are one of the biggest challenges facing a company. Why have this extra expense when you can have IVISINT as your resource.

By outsourcing to IVISINT we provide the following benefits:

  • Ivisint has technicians available for all types of issues that your business might encounter
  • No full-time employee costs
  • No dependence on one individual
  • No Training: Keeping your employees up-to-date in the latest technologies is expensive.
  • No Management Issues: No annual performance reviews, or daily encounters
  • No Hiring issues: The process of hiring employees is tedious and time consuming
  • No Payroll Taxes: Payroll taxes are over 15% of wages
  • No Workers Compensation: We carry our own Workers Compensation
  • No Termination issues: The process of firing an employee is problematic
  • No Vacation worries: Vacations never have to be scheduled
  • No Benefit Packages: No need to worry about offering 401k plans, or life insurances
  • No Sick Time Issues: Coverage is always available